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Our vision is to revolutionize cancer detection and bioinformatics analysis. Our mission is to develop innovative solutions that provide accurate, early detection of cancer and powerful bioinformatics tools for researchers.

About Us

Our Story

OmicXHealth is a pre-seed startup currently working on developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). We are dedicated to advancing cancer detection and bioinformatics. Our team is composed of experts in oncology, bioinformatics, and technology, all working together to bring cutting-edge solutions to the healthcare industry.

We are always looking for experts to join us as advisors on this mission. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us below.


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Our Offerings

Pan-Cancer Detection test

We are developing a comprehensive pan-cancer detection test that aims to detect multiple types of cancer from a single blood sample, providing early diagnosis and improving patient outcomes.

Bioinformatics Platform

Our bioinformatics platform is designed to offer researchers powerful tools for analyzing complex biological data, enhancing research capabilities and accelerating discoveries.

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Fast paced, Innovative and Reliable Delivery

Committed to advancing Life Sciences & Cancer research

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